South African Wedding Under a Fig Tree

I had the privilege of working for one of the top production companies in South Africa, under the brilliant direction of my friends at Mighty Fine. They specialize in wedding photography and videography, but do amazing work for corporate companies and nonprofit organizations around the world. I love their work and passion so much that I flew them all the way from SA to shoot my own wedding. So much of what I know, care about, and pay attention to now within my own work came from their guidance and love for me! 

Photographing the wedding of Jean-Mari and Theo while I was in SA was kind of like photographing family. I felt as if I was part of them, and felt so cared for by their friends and family. They were married on Jean-Mari's family farm, under the largest tree I had ever seen. It is abundantly clear that Jean-Mari and Theo are the best of friends, and their emotional greeting at the alter was evidence of that. I am thrilled to show you some highlights of this wedding- they were truly stunning! 

Jean-Mari was interviewed for a South African blog a few months ago, if you speak Afrikaans, or are in the mood to use Google Translate, here is the link!