Baby Kendrick, An Open Adoption Story in Chicago

I have been curious and fascinated and passionate about adoption since I was about eleven (when I signed myself up with my first email address to receive frequent messages about the Dave Thomas Foundation because I spent too much time at Wendy's and Dave Thomas, the man who founded Wendy's, was adopted himself!).  Adoption has been woven into my personal story in a few different ways, and one day my family will be made of up all different kinds of kids from all over and just the thought of it brings so much joy to me. 

Pauline & TJ recently welcomed baby Kenny into their family through open adoption with a brave and beautiful woman, Mary Ellen. In Pauline's words, "not only will Mary Ellen be there to cheer for kendrick through all his milestones and life events, we get to do the same for her". I mean, come on. The most amazing thing, right? This session was so unique, and to photograph the love that Kenny gets from all three of his parents is something I won't ever forget! These are the sessions that bridge the gap between my business and my personal life, and it is such an honor to spend time with families like this one. Congratulations to Pauline, TJ, and Mary Ellen! So much love for you three.