2018 - The Personal year in review

I forget all that happens in a year. I’m thankful for photos, what always proves to be a helpful and reflective resource. These photos feel like comfort. They show people and places that carried me through this year. Grateful.

NY blog.jpg

Twenty four hours in New York City. Central park, the Met and dogs on the steps.

Vlottenburg blog.jpg

Vlottenburg, South Africa. The farm babes. They’ve grown, both physically and emotionally. Our relationship feels different, fitting for what’s gone on in life for all of us, but nonetheless different. Love them like always.

Babol blog.jpg

Babylonstoren, also referred to as heaven on earth. Don’t really know how this place is real life, but it is, and if you’re ever in the neighborhood (as in on the continent of Africa) its worth the pit stop.

cape town blog.jpg

The burbs of Cape Town with friends who are like family. The smiley two got married in December.

DC blog.jpg

D.C with mom, who will go to any and every art museum that I ask for.

Amsterdam 2 blog.jpg
amsterdam blog 1.jpg
amsterdam blog 3.jpg

Amsterdam. Successfully walked the streets without getting hit by a bike. Many museums and capuccions. A healthy amount of boredom after 3 days of walking around aimlessly, which was quickly made up for by taking a letterpress workshop from Thomas. Was hosted by the best people.

LA blog.jpg
LA blog 2.jpg

Big Bear, California for Thanksgiving. We’ve never really had traditions, but going west in November is starting to become one. Seeing bubba, watching the beach balls float.

Home blog.jpg
home blog 2.jpg

Made a home for myself and the people I love, which is ever changing and growing. My disco ball is and will forever be my favorite object I own. It reminds me to dance and enjoy the space. I wake up every morning more grateful than the day before for this home. With all its rooms for little people, and grandpas power tools, and pots and pans and dog toys and more beds than I know what to do with. This year was made possible by forgiveness, therapy, cookie dough, really freaking good friends, jobs(s) I love, a new neighborhood and some space. I couldn’t have made this post at the end of last year, and I’m thankful life feels good today.