Nick + Julie at Makray Memorial

Nick and Julie have been a thing for what feels like forever. Well, since 8th grade. So this day felt like a really long time coming for them, their friends and family, and myself included (I met them in P.E. 10 years ago!). I think the saying of the day was “finally!”, but just as I was about to join in on the “omg took you guys long enough” bandwagon, I held back. I am so impressed, inspired, and somewhat jealous that they took their time. Nick and Julie went to different schools, and did their own thing, loved each other well through it, and got married when they wanted to. To anyone who says “finally”, I say “do what you want when you want”.

The day was beautiful, and the joyful build up all these years was real. People were exploding with happiness and love and admiration for these two. Here’s to taking your time, here’s to Nick and Julie.


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