Lauren + Kevin Engagement Session at University of Chicago

Lauren was a bridesmaid in my wedding, so I hope you can understand the excitement and joy I felt photographing her and her fiance, Kevin. Lauren stood out in the 15 degree weather in the middle of February for my wedding photos, and I feel forever indebted to her for her willingness to stand beside me in all seasons (emotionally and literally, thank you).

Kevin and Lauren were the perfect people for this location! I’ve lived close to this campus for a year and a half and have been waiting to photograph some people around these castle like buildings. They look like royalty! These two are kind, intentional, and hysterically funny. They’re getting married in a few weeks and I am so thankful I get to tag along for the ride.

Lauren + Kevin Blog 1.jpg
Lauren + Kevin 3.jpg
Lauren + Kevin Blog 5-1.jpg