Sarah + Beau Spring Wedding at Kitchen Chicago

I’m going to call out some special details about Sarah and Beau that I think any bride and groom planning a wedding will say “yes, let’s do that”, and any bride and groom who are already married say “dang it! why didn’t we do that?!”. Yikes. Sorry.

Number 1.

When discussing the pros and cons of a first look, I mentioned that when having a first look outside, you run the risk of your dress turning a nice, light, dusty brown color before walking down the aisle. Not ideal, but potentially worth it? Sarah said nope. Indoor first look was a must. Unfortunately, none of us are sure when the Art institute mopped the floors last, so, still a dirty dress, but, WORTH IT I THINK. A few weeks before their wedding Sarah and I made a walking map of the spots she wanted to hit inside the museum. She was so intentional about choosing rooms or pieces of work that she thought would represent their love or energy of the day. We avoided paintings of skinny naked people, or slaughtered animals for obvious reasons and went for rooms with brighter light, Monet’s water lilies, and the grand staircase.

Number 2.

They opted to share their vows in private rather than in front of all of their guests. Um, amazing. Your vows are meant to be for the two of you anyways. If you’d prefer to share your most intimate promises alone, I say 100% go for it. So special. Crying a lil.

Number 3.

They had ice cream sandwiches at their wedding from our beloved Jenni’s. I will say no more other than it was splendid.

Number 4.

Sarah managed to work her magic and wind these two lovebirds up in the New York Times. Boss lady.

Number 5.

Sarah got her dress from Sarah Seven. Always, always get your dress from Sarah Seven.

Without further ado, here are some images of the lovely and stunning Sarah and Beau.

S&B Blog 1.jpg
S&B Blog 2-2.jpg
S&B Blog FIRST 4 PAGES-3.jpg
S&B Blog FIRST 4 PAGES-4.jpg
S&B Blog 4-8 PAGES-1.jpg
S&B Blog 4-8 PAGES-2.jpg
S&B Blog 4-8 PAGES-3.jpg
S&B Blog 4-8 PAGES-4.jpg
S&B Blog 3.jpg
Sarah & Beau Forever!-481.jpg