Lethabong is a township outside of Pretoria. Some of the men and women who live in Lethabong are employed by a local restaurant and wedding venue, Rosemary Hill. Cindy is one of those people. She prepares food at Rosemary Hill everyday and brings it to Lethabong where children who come from poor and single parent households receive a meal. 

In attempts to "make things better", children ages 8-12 created an advertisement campaign for the Lethabong Feeding Scheme. More than 50 posters were hung around Lethabong. Every toilet and water tank had an advertisement containing information on where, what, and why the feeding scheme was operating in Lethabong. These photographs document the advertisement campaign. 


A public art project completed through the partnership of Washington Park Partners, Sanders Bowling Alley, the Milwaukee Historical Society, and Gerry Coon. 

The long, two-story, brick brown building that stands at the corner of 32nd and Lisbon Ave has been boarded up for more than 25 years. During the 1950s-1970s it was Moser’s Bowling Alley, a gathering place for recreational activity and community. I am proposing a series of historic and contemporary bowling images that will transform the building and celebrate the generations of use. These photos reflect the cultural traditions of the area and give the illusion you are looking into the building through the windows of a different time, but also allow you to appreciate the activity of todays time.

 “We have a zero percent graffiti and re-entry rate on the properties we work on,” Jensen said. “From the street, the house doesn’t scream, ‘vacant property.’ We choose these properties because they are a magnet for problems.”

Excerpt from “Painted facades for foreclosed houses ‘tool for stabilization"